Serenity Blake

Serenity Blake, Paranormal Relic Hunter.

An Urban Fantasy series -- Wicked fun, magical adventures coming soon. Stay tuned!

-- No cliffhangers --


I shouldn’t be scared. I’m an old hand at this.

My life has been stretched to the limits of the possible. Ghosts and otherworldly sights keep me company. At times, monsters seem real, spilling out of my nightmares. Truth be told, most of them aren’t bad, but I wish it had all come with a manual.

When everything I ever loved was ripped from me, when the universe showed me the meaning of cruelty and loneliness, the visions started.

The first time I saw things no human should ever see, my hair got its white streak.

The second time, I lost my speech for a year.

The third time, I started to stay away from most people, feeling like a freak. Not that it mattered much, once those she loved most were gone.

So, I’ve learned to fight away the tears and buried my past—for the most part. I’ve lived day by day, going through the motions, scoring some successes and failures. Just living life in the moment, without worrying about missing links. I push my body past extreme physical challenges to keep the darkness at bay. Whatever happens to get me off my game, I fight back, with all my might…

Is this enough, though, for someone like me? Will this ever be enough? There has to be a meaning to all of this. Some purpose I’m meant to fulfill.

There’s this feeling I can’t shake. That more trouble’s looking for me, and I won’t be able to look away this time, or overcome so easily. Something different. Big and meaningful. It makes no sense, and for this reason, I know it’s real.

It’s waiting somewhere close. Watching me.

I feel it in my bones.

Bones don’t lie.

– Latest entry in Serenity’s diary –