Boxed Sets

I’m very excited to be a part of the SIRENS AND SCALES Box Set!

20+ stories about mermaids, sirens and dragons. What more could an urban fantasy and paranormal romance lover want?

My book, co-written with Zee Monodee, is titled A CLASH OF FIRE. It's a spin-off from the Shadow Bridge Chronicles (to be released soon).

Take a family rivalry like Romeo & Juliet’s …
Add a liberal sprinkle of conflict à la Pride & Prejudice … Breathe in some life & fire … Djibril Antonovich Vasiliev, Crown Prince of the dragon nation of Ognennyy Ostrov—Fire Island, in the Bering Sea—is allowed by his illustrious family to live life as a regular human in the outside world. A tennis world champion with a philanthropic side, he takes pride in his African ancestry and sets out to make a mark among his people. As a renowned model and socialite, Kseniya Dmitriievich Fedorova uses the glam and party lifestyle as her cover for her job as a spy for the clandestine Corpus agency, which operates primarily in mainland Europe. Her loathing for the Vasiliev clan is strong and enduring, for her family had once held the right to the throne. A right that should never have been taken from them. The day comes to fulfil an age-old pact made with the angels and the gods of Olympus: a royal and the next in age of their generation of dragons will band together to help in the efforts against the global war against Evil. Djibril & Kseniya are thus thrown together, having to travel to Shadow Bridge, in the US, where they will be given their task in this fight. Their families have never fought fair, and they have no intention of going on with this charade, but they have no choice. Their ultimate mission is to locate the key to winning the war and staying alive in the process. As their quest becomes rife with danger, both will have to show their true faces to save themselves and each other.