Saturday, May 07, 2016

Smart Women of Romance! A new Facebook page #romancewriters #romancereaders

Do you love to read romance? 
Do you write romance? 

That's because you're a bright girl and you love to be entertained or to entertain. :)

So, READERS, do you want to know more about why the romance book genre rocks? (even though I'm sure you already know why you love it)... Well, one reason is because some really smart, wonderful, and extraordinary people are typing up our favourite stories, folks. If you believe romance novels are for duds, think again! :) Romance writers have the finger on the pulse of human emotions, and they tap into readers' minds and hearts with their stories.mile emoticon

In the coming days, I will be occasionally highlighting different ‪#romance‎authors‬ who, apart from writing the stories we want to read -- spreading love and hope and life in a messed up world, which is REALLY needed right now -- also have excellent college credentials hanging on their walls: from undergrad to post-grad degrees and PhDs. I'm also giving special love to those who hold or held an unusual/interesting job or serve(d) in the military or health/public service, or donate their time and funds to further a good cause. Basically, badass ladies and sheroes--and we have many of those!

So, AUTHORS, have you earned a "piece of paper" in academia that you want to tell us about? Not just that -- Are you a graduate or college dropout with a high IQ? Did you serve your country? Did/do you provide time and/or resources for a good cause? Or maybe get to work in a male-dominated field, degree or no degree? Have a very unusual job? If you're a ‪#‎romancewriter‬ with higher education, profession, mission, or not-run-of-the-mill day job you're still involved with or left behind to write, I wanna know about it. Sorry, only ladies for now. Please message me. Let's kick some ass. :)

Are you a proud, card-carrying ROMANCE NOVEL READER? Of course I want to meet you! To know more about your favorite romance authors or make some recommendations, please like the page below and send me a private message:

Live, love and laugh!

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~ Natalie G. Owens ~
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