Sunday, April 21, 2013

From Bk1 of #Eternelles INESCAPABLE: A sensual and dangerous dream #snippetsunday

Hello world!
Still waiting for summer weather to come to Malta, but it seems we still have a little wait compared to the usual, and even the spring hasn't really settled in fully yet. As my vacation time starts on Friday, I just hope that the sun decides to cooperate once and for all! If it doesn't, we'll just have to watch many movies indoors and stare longingly at the pool on the terrace of the vacation home. I haven't taken a holiday in a long, long time though, and I'm just happy at the prospect of relaxing for a few days. :)

I'll also be doing a bunch of reading while away. I've missed getting immersed in a good book, and I promised a few people I would be checking out their work ASAP. I can't wait!

Speaking of books... I can't believe INESCAPABLE will be out in May (around the 10th). We're just crossing a few "t's" and dotting a few "i's" right now, but time is ticking and it will soon be on the virtual shelves. Some weeks after that, we'll have a print version too :).  If you like books with lots of fantasy and adventure, you would love this one. In essence, this series is about the difficult relationship between a unique mother and daughter team. Two strong heroines with a lot on their shoulders, not the least of which includes saving the world! Of course, we offer exciting romance, intrigue, and lots of heart-stopping moments in this first instalment. We hope that you will be including this in your "to-read" pile this year. It would make two authors very happy :).

So, my character is Sera Dionysios - a woman of mysterious origins, and who is decidedly part-phoenix. Last week I mentioned how Sera's mysterious bond with a man called Rafe gives her mother, Adri, the hives. Adri, 
an immortal daughter of the Greek god, Dionysos and a human maenad, was even raised on Olympus, and she has tons of experience on Sera. Thus, she is very protective of her daughter, something that isn't always appreciated. Horror of horrors - Sera even dreams about Rafe, and I shared the start of a dream last week with you. Here's more...

Memories of William’s warm blue eyes and handsome blond looks faded, and guilt made her flinch and narrow her eyes, her shoulders and arms tense. The sensation hit her like tiny sharp fingernails grating on wood.
“Rafe…” she gasped.  His name fell from the tip of her tongue, riding on wisps of a soft breeze. Alarm filled her, so real and tangible.
The fog surrounded him, flirted with him, but dared not touch him, as though it, too, were afraid of this man. But he was too beautiful to be a mere man.
He hooked her gaze with his own, and she drowned in hints of hazel, flecks of gold, and depths of the richest whiskey. She swallowed hard when feelings of lust birthed in her belly. She didn’t want this. No.
“I’m pleased to see you, Séraphine,” he said, using her full name.
The voice, that decadent voice, damn near killed her.
           And then he was upon her, so close, touching her.


For more snippets this Sunday, please head on here and check out all the other wonderful authors, especially my co-author, Zee Monodee. :) 

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

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