Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eternelles and the joys of motherhood: a daughter's perspective

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Last week, I introduced Sera, my character in the Eternelles series. Sera is an interesting woman. She is youthful, highly creative and intelligent, but some events in her life affected her in a negative way--sometimes to the extreme. Dealing with her mother has become tricky, not only because of her parent's overprotectiveness, but also because Adri's managing of a certain situation has created a wide chasm between mother and daughter.

Mother-daughter relationships are never easy or straightforward, and in Eternelles, we kick it up a few notches. Check also Zee's take on this today on her blog.

Perhaps I already mentioned this but one thing that made it fun writing these characters was the way we chose to split writing duties - I wrote Sera while Zee wrote Adri. Despite my older age, I greatly enjoyed myself writing a twenty-something girl who's into fast food, dance music, and bohemian clothes and decor. 

One of the biggest mysteries in Sera's life is her relationship with a man called Rafe Harcourt. Well, he's not exactly a man but something entirely different, mysterious and intimidating. Rafe is everything Sera doesn't want. Or is he? Adri despises him because he ruined her daughter. Sera wants Adri to stop meddling in her business. One thing's for sure, she dreams about him a lot...

Here's one example below. What do you think? Is Adri right to mistrust Rafe Harcourt? Or should she let him continue to toy with her daughter, even in her dreams? 

The central London fog swirled around her with ethereal tentacles until it enveloped everything as far as her eyes could see. The chill tried to invade her, but she focused her thoughts on the man she was to marry, William, and warmth coursed through her body. With hurried steps and a light heart, she walked on…but something blocked her path.
A large man appeared in the mist. Tall, powerful…dangerous. His magnetism called to her in a way her body could do nothing but heed, and she raked up his form with a slow gaze, as though savoring a box of the finest truffles she didn’t want to run out of. Her security however eroded with every inch discovered, with every glimpse of muscle lingered on. She finally lifted her eyes to his.
God above. Mercifully, the words gathered in her mouth but never left her lips. His dark, handsome face arrested her; every plane, every curve an exercise in perfection. An exotic sheikh in civilized clothing. A wolf in disguise.
Memories of William’s warm blue eyes and handsome blond looks faded, and guilt made her flinch and narrow her eyes, her shoulders and arms tense. The sensation hit her like tiny sharp fingernails grating on wood.
“Rafe…” she gasped.  His name fell from the tip of her tongue, riding on wisps of a soft breeze. Alarm filled her, so real and tangible.

Inescapable, Book 1 in the Eternelles series is due out in May. Stay tuned for more!

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