Friday, March 01, 2013

Something different...for a good cause

Today, I am hopefully doing something that will make a difference to one person. She is a lady I haven't known long, but she's a book reviewer who has helped so many authors get exposure, especially in the indie community, and she's truly loved by many. Vicki has been diagnosed with Stage 2 B-cell chronic Lymphoma. Chemo has been hard on her physically and emotionally. She's a single mother with an ex who's a deadbeat dad and won't pay child support. You know where this is going... yes, Vicki has no job now because she's not strong enough to work. She has considered stopping her treatments just so she can keep feeding her children for a while...and then simply accept death. I just can't...CAN'T...not do something about this. Vicki's about to be evicted but every little cent can help pay a bill or put food on the table for her and the children, until Vicki gets better. Medical bills are also piling up. I know there are so many other people suffering too. Also friends of mine. However, this is a dire situation that has touched me, and I can only help one person at a time. I'm not rich, but even with that, if people band together, things get done. Every little bit helps...

The best thing I can give is my work. So last night, after trying to think what I can do, I decided to slash the price for AN ETERNITY OF ROSES (THE VALTHREANS: BOOK 1), a paranormal romance, from $3.99 to $0.99c. So less than a dollar for a 400 plus page novel. Good deal, right? From that, I will give a portion of royalties this week to Vicki and her family. Please help me get her something decent...something that will make her life better, even just a teensy bit. I have offered 10% of royalties I get in a week, but I realize that may not be much unless many, many sales are made. What are the odds of a relatively unknown author like me selling two, three thousand books in a week? Not sure :). So I'm considering giving more. We'll see how things go until Friday, 8th March, which is when the price goes back up to $3.99. :)

Here are the links to the books on Amazon US and UK. (US) (UK)

Finally, if you wish to contribute more to Vicki and her family, and to read her story and harrowing experiences with immunotherapy suppression treatments, please join this event and see how you can do that -

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