Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dog days of summer...

What is summer to you? 

I know what it means to me.

Long days when the sun lingers, arrogantly, and the evening breeze carries to you a sigh of relief. The contact of bare feet on warm sand as you look out at the vastness of the ocean. Balmy nights spent sharing secrets with loved ones, your belly full of barbecued delights. The joyful squeals of children playing in the street. Outdoor orgies of music and fashion where deep tans are flaunted and toned bodies admired. That's how I imagine summer on my little island. Laid back, hot, the culprit that gives you an overwhelming desire to get outside and play a little in the sunshine. But there are still days when you  want only to stay inside and devote yourself to a book. For those lazy quiet times, we have the goods. :)
We got you covered!
Stock Up for Summer Sale

FREE KINDLE Books from 15 of the Hottest Indie Authors

June 14-16

Every genre for your entire family: Literary Fiction, YA, SciFi, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Spy Thriller, Paranormal Romance and Children’s.
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Natalie G. Owens, Something to Live for, 
Contemporary  Romance with a supernatural twist:
 A sensual novella about dating, sex and coincidences.Click on the images or links below to go to that book’s Amazon page.

Sherry Roberts, Book of Mercy, Literary Fiction: A woman who cannot read stands up to a town banning books. Midwest Book Awards Finalist.
D.A. Graystone, The Schliemann Legacy, Spy Thriller: A spy thriller involving Nazis, terrorists and the hunt for the treasures of Troy.
Wenona HulseyBlood Awakening, Epic Fantasy/Contemporary Romance: Nominated for the Best Adult Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Book of 2011 on Goodreads.
Carmen CaineThe Bedeviled Heart, Medieval Scottish Historical Romance: Romance Silver Medal Winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards.
Zoe Saadia, At Road’s End, Historical Fiction/Historical Romance: A historical romance set in pre-Columbia America.
Faith Mortimer, The Surgeon’s Blade: A chilling addition to the best-selling Diana Rivers mystery thriller series.
Tracy Rozzlynn, Verita, Young Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy: First in a series about the newly discovered planet, Verita.
Tina Boscha, River in the Sea, Teen/Adult Historical Fiction: A tale of first love, tragedy, intrigue and betrayal during the German occupation of the Netherlands.
Gloria Repp, Pibbin the Small, Children/Frogs & Toads: The story of a brave frog launches the Friendship Bog series.
Alan Tucker, A Measure of Disorder, YA Fantasy/Adventure: Book One of the popular Mother-Earth Series.
Charity Parkerson, Wicked Sinners, Paranormal Romance: An ancient book draws a woman into a centuries-old battle between brothers.
Calinda B, A Wicked Choice, Paranormal Romance: Nominated Best Erotic Romance 2012.
Carole Gill, The House on Blackstone Moor, Paranormal: A haunting book set in Victorian England.
Snag some books in your favorite genre and head to the beach or the lake. We’ve got you covered.

~ Natalie ~ 
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