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KICK START MONDAY: Contests & More - with CARLY FALL

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My guest author today is the fab Carly Fall, who I first met when I was doing the Six Sentence Sunday rounds. Carly is giving away 2 copies of her fantasy romance "The Light Within Me" in this contest, and her blog post sheds light on the very interesting setting of the "Six Savior Series". As an aside, Carly has posted some really cool character interviews on her site, where she "interacts" with the heroes and heroines of both her own books and from stories written by fellow authors. They're truly worth checking out at

But now, let's get on to the contest details:

--- Participants must email the answers to the following questions to carlyfall (at) gmail (dot) com, with "Natalie G. Owens blog contest" in the subject line -

1. What scent has Rayner come to associate with Faith? (Finding My Faith)
2. What kind of wine do Abby and Noah share? (The Light Within Me)
3. What is Rayner's "curse?" (Finding My Faith)
4. What color do Noah's eyes turn at night? (The Light Within Me)

--- Finding these answers is easy. It just takes a touch of sleuthing! If people go to, they can click on Buy Books and Excerpts up top. They can go to The Light Within Me and Finding My Faith, read what is there (blurbs/excerpts) and answer the above questions. Simple, right?

--- Carly will draw two names from the list of participants a week from today and notify the winner by email.

And now, I give the floor to Carly...


One question that I get often from people who are reading the Six Savior Series, is why do I have these guys living in missile silos?

Well, sometimes life give you experiences that make you think and make you dream.

This series was conceived with one of those experiences.

Last year we took a trip down to Tucson, Arizona, a quick drive from Phoenix, where I live.

While down there, we decided to visit a missile silo left over from the cold war. We went because our son is six and we thought he would enjoy it. Honestly, upon arrival, I was far more excited than he was.

This place was amazing. The tour was given by one of the guys that actually worked there for umpteen years, showing up every day wondering if he was going to get the order to blow the world to smithereens. Not a nice thought to go to work with everyday, if you ask me.

Our son also got to "turn the key" when they had a pretend run of launching the missile. They had almost all of the original computers in there. I have to tell you, it looked liked the William Shatner version of Star Trek. If I see those shows now, I just laugh because it looks so fake and ridiculous. That's how the missile silo looked - like something a first grader would come up with while playing with a marker and a bunch of boxes.

This is the computer bank from inside the silo...

When we completed the tour, I had a big fat smile on my face. Seeing the silo had my brain working in overdrive.

Of course, my brain working on overdrive led to a new series of books. I am really, really excited by it, and hope you will be as well.

On March 1st, I released the second book in the series, Finding My Faith.

Today I'd like to giveaway two digital copies of book one of the series, The Light Within Me.

What people are saying about The Light Within Me:

4.5 Fairies From JBP Reviews: I started this book and within pages I was hooked. I seriously hope there are more books to follow because I would really love to hear the other warriors stories but most of all Hudson.

5 Stars: The Romance Writers Reads: This book was a great paranormal read. It was by far one of my favorite review books of the year. I loved all of the little plot twists that kept the story going. When it is revealed why Abby has always felt so different, and why she has always been so dissatisfied with her life, I was floored. It was a twist I wasn't expecting, and it was little things like this that kept the story going for me.

5 Stars: Romance Writers Reviews: WOW! If you are looking for a sexy, interesting, full of suspense kind of book... this is definitely the one for you. It was amazing on many levels; it had my attention from the first page to the last. The storyline was different, not your everyday romance book, but certainly one of the most interesting romantic stories I have read in awhile. The romance was sweet, super sexy and undeniably HOT!

About Carly:

Carly Fall lives in Arizona with her incredibly supportive husband, their son and their dog.

She is the author of the Dark Forces Series, Shackled to the Night (Book 1) and Hidden in the Night (Book 2), as well as the Six Savior Series, beginning with The Light Within Me (Book 1) and Finding My Faith (Book 2).

She loves her family, writing, wine and her pool, and depending on the day, not necessarily in that order.

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