Sunday, January 01, 2012

SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY: An Eternity of Roses, Snippet #11...AND ABOUT CHANGE

Hello world,

First off, let me start by saying that I wish everyone a beautiful, successful and blissful new year - one full of great memories to cherish. For a writer, I know the biggest dream is publication, so I want to say to my fellow writers - may 2012 bring you more and more pride and success as an author.

Second, I want to thank everyone for returning every week and commenting on my excerpts. It means the world to me, and I really appreciate it. Last week I didn't have time to make the rounds as usual, and I hope to make up for that. If I don't visit your blog today, it will be some time during the week.

Now, there's another big announcement I wish to make. Well, it's big for me at least :D. I've been debating with myself whether to do this or not, but my beautiful friend and sister of the heart, Zee Monodee, encouraged me by first setting the example, and also by being incredibly supportive.

I have always thought that using a pseudonym was the way to go, because I could keep my private life separate from my writer's life. However, that started to make less sense when my actual friends here in Malta joined my Facebook friends list. They know my real name. Then, I started to get to know other authors, who also now know my real name. For instance, authors in RWA who I met during my stay in Atlanta, Georgia, and other authors I met via Facebook.

I'm at a point where I just want to be me. Some people call me "Nat", others "Angela", and even those who know the real "me" sometimes get confused. I've had other writers here - and even old friends from school - ask me why I just don't use my name. I used to have reasons - but perhaps the biggest one was that I wanted to hide.

Or to protect my family. But my family is behind me 100%. They know what I write, how I write, and they are proud of me. My mom wants to read my work and loves it (she's biased, I know, lol). My husband has wondered why I use a pseudonym. So, why shouldn't I simply be me?

Basically, over the coming week, I'm going to change my Facebook name, Twitter name, the name on this blog... and everywhere else I use it... from Angela Guillaume to my real one: Natalie G. Owens. My books will come out under my real name. I will simply be me. Okay, Angela is actually my middle name and Guillaume is a twist on my maiden name, but everyone, all my friends, know me as "Nat". I want everyone to know me as Nat, because that's who I am.

So this may not be a big deal to many of you - and you may say, what the heck? - but it is to me. This new year is starting with big changes. Changes that I'm making happen. It's a bit scary, but also exciting. I'm taking off my mask for good... it wasn't that strong anyway, and now it's gone. I hope this brings me luck.

I also hope that many of you will now get used to calling me Natalie, or Nat, instead of Angela. Lol. Perhaps it will take a while.

And now, on to my SSS post...which continues from the last one I posted here. ...

It was as though nature acknowledged the raw emotion that gripped Adrian at the mention his father and brother. But, no one more than Emmaline knew how, for a time after he’d assumed Arthur’s responsibilities, he was like a shored fish that had lost its shoal. Although the tragedy wasn’t his fault, he had still not completely shaken the sense that he was merely a usurper who’d slipped in shoes that were too big, too wrong, for him.

“Belvoir has not been the same without them,” he brooded.

Emmaline cursed herself for bringing up the subject, and shook her head. “Do not say that. Belvoir is safe and thriving because of you, Adrian. ...

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~ Angela ~
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