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by Dawne Prochilo

My career as a writer started many years ago (1999 to be exact) and since then I have added many new titles to my career. Author, radio segment guest, blogger, freelance sex advice writer and book reviewer. All the titles lead up to one main goal... to further my career.

My newspaper career turned into receiving my first writing contract for a novel, which of course lead to many more contracts. My love for the non-fiction writing style was lost in the author-ship, so I dove into online web content to satisfy my need...which lead into a fabulous opportunity to write for USA TODAY in September 2011. I am still amazed at all the success I have had in 2011 and I am hoping 2012 opens new doors for me in the publishing world.

My first novel, On Her Own, was a sweet romance that Harlequin was ready to offer me contract for. But at that time in my life I was working full time and Harlequin wanted me to sign a contract for four more full-length novels in a 12-month time frame. Knowing I couldn't meet that contract and deadline, I had to turn Harlequin down. Sad day for me... sigh.

But since then I have published a dozen books and have six contracted for 2012. I am thrilled with where my career has taken me and look forward to many more years, and books.


Have you ever? Could you ever? Had a cheap affair? A wham-bam or hit and run in a motel room? Better yet, let's add another twist to this- have you ever re-connected with someone from your past AND THEN had a one-nighter? People of my age (coughing, I'm not THAT old) have been getting reacquainted, thanks to social networks, and if you look closely enough on these social network posts and read between the proverbial lines, you can see who has a crush on who and who could quite possibly be... hmm, how shall I out this delicately... 'dating' each other.

Answer one of the questions above (honestly / anonymously here if you must) but then email me your name and email for the chance to win Room 11). Email me at dawne dot prochilo at



ROOM 12 - To be released Feb 2 by Secret Cravings Publishing:

Blurb -

Imagine the situation...

Romance novelist Paige Sinclair has always had a crush on her old high school classmate, Rob. Decades later they meet by chance through a social network website. They decide to meet up for a no-strings attached day of sex in a motel room. These are the kinds of fantasies Paige writes for a living. She never expected to live one herself...let alone with Rob. After a day of romping in the proverbial hay, confessions are exposed. Can the duo survive the truth?

For more info, click here.

This book contains explicit language.


About Dawne:

She's the Promotion Director for Secret Cravings Publishing.

She's a freelance writer for a newspaper, writes web content articles for, and associated press. She's also a reviewer for Eden Fantasy products and writes for their sister website, Eden Cafe. She also reviews for Coffee Beans and Love Scenes, Simply Erotic Reviews and is the owner of Girls' Only Reviews.

She does a weekly radio segment for a local rock station where she discussed relationship and marriage, has been a contributing writer for USA TODAY and oversees 15 blogs every day.

Books by Dawne Prochilo:

Crape Myrtle - June 2009
On Her Own - July 2009
Sex Sells - Feb 2011
Room 11 - Feb 2011
Rachel's Desire - March 2011
When We Meet Again - May 2011
His Holiday Seduction - Oct 2011
Insatiable Kate - Oct 2011
On Her Own (re-release) - Nov 2011
Wildfire Beach - Nov 2011
A Cougar's Revenge - 2012
Callie's Way - Feb 2012*
Lynn's Chance - March 2012*
Weekend Retreat - April 2012
Melody's Dance - May 2012*
Tessa's Passion - July 2012*
Weekend Retreat - Summer 2012

*Series- The VW Club

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