Friday, December 30, 2011

WRAP UP FRIDAYS: Here's to wishing you...


To all authors...

Do you want to promote a new or upcoming release? And do you want to run a contest? The new year is promising great things. 51 weeks (skipping the 3rd Jan), 51 authors. 51 contests. 51 prizes. 51 (or more, if you wish) lucky winners!

If you are interested in promoting your work with a fun contest on my blog, please contact me ASAP via email address ( or FB mail. I'm opening up Mondays on my blog to any genre this time - not only romance. It can be horror, young adult, suspense, action, women's fiction, literary, fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, historical, contemporary, thriller, mystery...the sky's the limit! Just keep in mind that if you're posting excerpts, my blog is not an "adults only" one, so keep them PG-13.

I'm so looking forward to reading your ideas :D.

Readers, this is an opportunity to follow my blog (see right sidebar) and fasten your seatbelts! You'll discover some cool new authors, or get reacquainted with old ones. You'll have a blast because right here, 2012 will be all about the cool prizes :D.

Meanwhile, I'm wishing everyone a blissful and productive 2012 !

PS - Please check out my bestie Zee Monodee's blog, who's also making 2012 a great one for fellow authors.

Live well and love deeply... and keep reading.

~ Angela ~

No Rules. No Formulas. Just Love.

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