Friday, December 09, 2011

WRAP UP FRIDAY: 'Tis the season for gifts!

Hello world,

This weekend (today, the 9th, through the 11th December) I'm participating in Carly Fall's Holiday Blog Hop.

How does it work?

It's simple!

Comment on this blog post on these dates and you have a chance to win your choice of either of my books - Mile High to Heaven or Mr. & Mrs. Foster. Then, click on the holiday blog hop image on the right sidebar of this page (or click here) and visit the other authors' pages - they are also offering free books in return for comments.

Just in time for the holidays!

I hope you are enjoying the season. We are blessed with some wonderful days here in Malta - a bit windy but full of sun! A great boon after a week of rain and floods, which were also needed but not great for going out :).

After you participate in the blog hop, please take a moment to check out my bestie Zee Monodee's blog to see how she's wrapping up her week.

Until next time, live well and love deeply! ... and hope you win lots of books to make you smile through the holidays! No eye candy today, otherwise you'd be too distracted. LOL

~ Angela ~
No Rules. No Formulas. Just Love.

"Mile High to Heaven" and "Mr. & Mrs. Foster" available at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid.


Barbara said...

Fun hop...GREAT giveaway...tough decision for the winner! Both of your books look good! Happy holidays!

Drea Becraft said...

Great Giveaway! I love Christmas even if it's my busiest holiday!


Angela Guillaume said...

Thanks Barbara, Drea - you're both in!

Jennifer Johnson said...

Well, you mentioned eye candy, and the thought of it distracted me from what I was going to write.


Angela Guillaume said...

LOL, Jennifer. Every Friday I usually post some interesting eye candy, but didn't do that this week :)

anewera said...

Great idea and I wish I could win both.

j. barrett said...

happy holidays, thanks for having this contest.


flchen1 said...

Very cool, Angela! Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Angela Guillaume said...

J. Barrett and anewera - can you please leave your email addresses so I can include you?

Angela Guillaume said...

flchen1 - you're in!

Criss said...

Hi Angela! Isn't Christmas great! mine is going just wonderful so far, lets hope it continues. Fun Blog Hop! Happy Holidays! rshereifa at yahoo dot com

Angela Guillaume said...

You're in, Criss!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the giveaway.


Eva's Flowers said...

Having so much fun finding new books to add to my wish list, thanks for being a part of the Hop! Hope you have a great holiday season :)


Angela Guillaume said...

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by to comment. I put all your names in the hat as I managed to trace everyone's email (i.e., those who didn't specify).

So, the winner of my giveaway is anewera, whom I will email shortly.

Thanks again for participating, and have a beautiful Christmas/ New Year season! x