Monday, December 05, 2011

KICK START MONDAYS: Playing truant...

Hello world,

I played truant last Monday and Friday. I had a mountain of projects to complete, so the blog posting took the axe. I'm so happy that I got to finish some important things...such as the final edits to An Eternity of Roses. All I need to do now is go through it for grammar/minor errors.

I wonder sometimes why I chose to turn my first novel into a series. It must be my annoying tendency to complicate things :). The main plots, sub-plots, and the big picture that threads throughout all the books - what was I thinking? I cannot go back now, though. I am too emotionally invested in the Valthreans, my lovable immortals. I'm going to have to work hard to make them go through impossible challenges, and then reward them at the end. I'm still working out the logistics here, and I think it will take me a few weeks of brainstorming with myself and my wonderful crit partners Zee Monodee and Rae Lori. I owe Zee a character chart (with pics) and major story arc in the next days, and I feel I'm sooooooooo far from finishing! I have quite a bit down pat, but I need to organize the details and fill the "plot holes". I hope to keep from losing my head in the process!

Speaking of Zee Monodee - the lady's going to be my special guest this Wednesday, and I can't wait! (Zee, sorry for not linking with you last Friday! :D)

In the meantime, wish me luck with all this plotting and scheming going on in my head. The Valthrean Legacy is consuming my thoughts...and that big "a-ha" moment when everything comes together has not occurred to me yet. I sure hope it comes a-knocking soon...

Hugs to you and until next time... live well and love deeply!

~ Angela ~
No Rules. No Formulas. Just Love.

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