Friday, November 18, 2011

WRAP UP FRIDAYS: When inspiration hits

Hello world,

I've spent this last week doing research on the Edinburgh Vaults . These eerie underground vaults were once used as storage areas, slum housing, breeding spaces for crime such as robbery and murder, and brothels. They were also used as a meeting place for the infamous Hellfire Club (the first of which was established by the Duke of Wharton in 1719 England) and their depraved satanic rituals; as well as haunts for the nineteenth century serial killers, Burke and Hare.

I haven't found many specifics as to who, exactly, was a Hellfire Club member in 1810 Edinburgh. I'm still trying to fish for that information. However, I have quite a bit of fodder to give me fresh ideas about my Valthrean series - an 8 book series revolving around a brotherhood of immortals, the first of which I titled An Eternity of Roses.

Before I wrap up, I'd like to invite you to hop on over to my partner-in-crime, Zee Monodee's blog page. She always has interesting tidbits to share at the end of the week.

This blog post will be short because I must return to my research and reading. Can you tell I'm excited? However, I couldn't leave you without supplying the usual Friday eye candy for your viewing pleasure. So here's the handsome Hector or...ahem... Eric Bana!

~ Angela ~
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