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REV UP WEDNESDAYS - A weekly booster shot for inspiration... Catching up with DEBRA GLASS

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Today's REV UP WEDNESDAY guest is fabulous author, Debra Glass. Debra has published over 15 books in various genres - including historical and paranormal romance, non-fiction, YA, and folklore. In 1992 she was awarded the National Society of Arts and Letters Alabama Screenwriter Award, after which she won the NSAL Empire State Award for excellence in screenwriting. Debra is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Professional Authors’ Network, and Passionate Ink. She is also a member of RWA’s Heart of Dixie chapter.

Debra is a bundle of energy and although I don't know her very well, I can just feel her positive vibes sneak into me every time I open her emails. I think she's the perfect example for how determination and adversity can get you far. Despite let downs and lack of faith from some people around her, Debra persisted in her career, proving the naysayers wrong. Proving that hard work and persistence can make dreams come true.





Here's Debra's story...

How long have you been writing?

Before I could write words, I drew picture-story books about my family. I’ve been writing for a long time!

When did you decide that you wanted to write for a living (that "aha" moment)?

Writing was always my hobby until I attended a class with Michael Garrett and he suggested I join Romance Writers of America. It was then that I decided to pursue writing professionally.

What did your family say when you told them you wanted to be a writer?

My X told me I wouldn’t sell twenty copies of a book. How’s that for inspiration to succeed? That particular book is now in its second printing and I have over thirty books that have been released and I’ve been published by five different publishing houses. Take that, X!

What is your preferred genre both for reading and writing?

I love to read a little bit of everything. As far as writing, I think my style is best suited to erotic romance. I have a decidedly historical voice and love writing historicals more than any other genre.

How long did it take you to make your first sale? What was your first thought when you did?

Gatekeeper was my first sale to Ellora’s Cave. I wrote on and off for about fifteen years before I closed my business and settled down to write full time. It took me about six months after I began to pursue writing as a career to get the call. I was excited and had to read the acceptance email several times before I realized I’d actually been offered a contract. My second thought was, “Oh my God, what now?”

Did you sell the first story or novel you wrote?

Not yet, but I’m working on revising it. It’s an 80 thousand word vampire romance.

Do you read industry or writing related blogs? If so, can you share some useful links?

My favorite blog is Redlines and Deadlines, written by the editors of Ellora’s Cave.

What, in your opinion, do agents/publishers look for in a new author in the current market? Is it all to do with talent or with trends?

I think both agents and publishers look for polished talent that is writing something they think they can sell.

What do you think of the changes going on in the book industry (e.g., e-books vs. print books, and big publishers getting involved in digital publishing)? Where do you see the industry going?

Of course the industry is moving toward digital! Remember vinyl albums? Ebooks are to the publishing industry was MP3 players are to the music industry.

Do you think writers should consider self-publishing?

I have some regional ghost stories and a local historical interest book I’ve self published. I’m doing quite well with those but the market is small. I’m not so sure about fiction but with Amazon willing to do distribution, if you already have a large following, go for it!

Are your books available in print or in digital format?

Most all my books are available in digital and some are also available in print. My books can be found on my Amazon author page at

What are you working on now?

I’m working on my first ménage story. I just finished the first draft and sent it to my critique partner. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story and delving into the characters’ heads to figure how they could make a relationship between one woman and the two men who loved her work.

What is/are your favourite book(s)?

Wuthering Heights, Gone With the Wind, The Other Boleyn Girl

What book inspired you to write romance (or whatever genre you write in)?

Dracula. There was no romance in the book at all and in the movies, the vampire always died in the end. I wanted to write a story where the vampire was the good guy—and survived!

What hero/heroine/character was the most fun or challenging to write for you?

Blackbeard in Watchkeeper. I loved writing his salty pirate dialogue and turning him into a wicked villain.

What's your website URL?

Are you on Facebook?

How do you connect with readers?

I love to connect through social media and email.

About Debra:

Growing up in the south where the air is thick with stories steeped in legend and truth, Debra came by her love of romance novels honestly. Well…sort of. At an early age, she pilfered from her grandmother’s extensive library and has been a fan of the genre since.

A full time freelance writer, Debra especially enjoys combining history, mystery and a touch of taboo to weave stories with unforgettable, haunted heroes.

She lives in Alabama with her sexy real life hero, a couple of smart-aleck ghosts and a diabolical black cat.


Latest and upcoming releases:

My latest release was inspired by one of my favorite shows, What Not to Wear! It’s called Slave to Fashion and is set in early Regency England. Here’s a blurb:

A taste of the forbidden…

Georgiana Talbot intends to remain a spinster in order to ensure her younger sisters debut and find husbands. But when she encounters a devilish Scot who ignites a searing fire within her, Georgiana realizes just how much she has denied herself regarding the pleasures of the flesh. Determined to learn more, she concocts a daring scheme.

A touch of the taboo…

Seducing the haute ton’s premier modiste into buying linen from his mills is foremost on Blane MacLaren’s mind. Until his need to bend the brash beauty to his will drives him to enter into a scandalous agreement—Georgiana will purchase his linens if he will tutor her in an array of dark delights and forbidden pleasures. Yet nothing could have prepared him for the effect his very willing student will have on him—or how far a harmless lesson in lust can go.

Click here to read an excerpt:

Scarlet Widow

Tough…or tender? If she follows her heart, she won’t have to choose.

Molly has forever lusted for all three Barksdale brothers, but could never choose. Instead, scandal chose for her, and she married the youngest of the three. Then the brothers go to war, and Molly finds herself a grieving widow when her husband is murdered by a merciless band of Union soldiers.

Hardin Barksdale is hell-bent on avenging his brother. Greer Barksdale is honor-bound to protect his home. They both want Molly—and this time, they're willing to share. The temptation is seductive, the passion sizzling. In harsh, post-war Tennessee, their nightly forbidden trysts wield the power to heal them all—if they can escape the twisted desires of a man bent on seeing all three of them dead.


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