Friday, October 21, 2011

WRAP UP FRIDAYS: Info recap... what every author should know

Hello world,

The last REV UP Wednesday interview with Rowena Cherry ended up being an information mine so big and winding that it was hard to keep up! So, today's blog is all about gathering the data that was kindly shared by Ms. Cherry and listing the links provided in a more convenient format. She had a lot to share, and although there is A WHOLE LOT MORE info on the original interview blog (including 80 plus comments and counting, consisting of more useful insights posted by the author), this list will keep you busy for a while. I think it's really great when someone takes the time to share all the information they've accumulated over time because research is so much work! When we're trying to find the key to a problem, to "unlock" the "secret" to something, it can take countless hours, days and even years. When someone shares their efforts without even being asked, they are saying that they want to make things easier for someone else, and they don't expect anything in return. Therefore, I wish to sincerely thank Rowena for being so generous and helpful.

I hope you get something out of these links as I'm sure I will!


---Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Rowena Cherry's blog

---Jacquie Rogers and Ann Charles (mostly on marketing)

---Agent Kristin Nelson's blog (check sidebars on this blog – chock full of incredibly useful links and writers’ resources, such as critiques)

---Richard Curtis's blog

---Brenda Novak for the Cure

---Jexbo, alternative to Amazon

---BookLocker, alternative to Amazon

---Muso (service to locate and take down illegally shared files; discounts apply if accessed through

---Shayna Englin (PR & Social Media)

---AuthorsAgainstE-BookTheft, Yahoo Group

---OCILLA, Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act

---Marilynn Byerly (on copyright)

---Copyright Alliance (join the One Voice team for free)

---Angela Hoy

---AARdvark, AAR Digital Rights Committee


As it's Friday, I'm sure that my bestie Zee Monodee has come up with something totally cool and cheeky. Please go check out her blog!

And for your Friday eye candy, since I mentioned him last Wednesday in the blog comments, I give you my next hero for the Valthrean series...

Until next time, live well and love deeply!

~ Angela ~
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Zee Monodee said...

OMG!!! Richard Armitage!! Woot woot! Thank you, babe. He's a total darling. Can't wait to read his story, you know that. :)

Your wednesday interview with Rowena was just plain awesome! You two totally rocked it.

Have a lovely weekend, sweetheart! Much love & hugs

Angela Guillaume said...

Hey Zee! Thanks, we can share Richard. I don't mind :). Wish you a great weekend, too, lovely girl. xoxo

Rae Lori said...

Great list of resources here!

Oh! So that's Richard Armitage! Yummy! Now i see what all the ladies are talking about hehe.

Hope you both have an awesome weekend!

Zee Monodee said...

Yup, Richard Armitage, aka Total-Delish-Babe! And you should hear him talk - pure British accent yumminess. Got to look for some vids of him when he was on Spooks - to die for!

And yup, Angela - sisters share! :) I'll lend you David Gandy if you lend me Total-Delish-Babe from time to time *grin*

Angela Guillaume said...

Rae, you should see him in Robin Hood, the series. You'll forget all about Robin Hood, lol.

Angela Guillaume said...

I'll get the Lost hunk, if you don't mind, aka Ash Gilfoy. Then, and only then, will I temporarily surrender Total-Delish-Babe. Lol

Zee Monodee said...

Lol! To get Ash Gilfoy, you might have to run over his sociopathic, I-don't-mind-killing wife, Rayne. She'll put up a fight for the man she loves. :)

I can, however, send you a Josh Holloway clone. Will you hand over Total-Delish-Babe then...? *grin*

Angela Guillaume said...

Hmmm, maybe. We're getting somewhere. What else you got? lol

Zee Monodee said...

I have the totally dangerous-&-yummy Mark Dacascos aka Duncan Gilfoy. Do we deal...? :)

And the delish Scott is not taken yet...

Angela Guillaume said...

Okay, that may just work. (rubbing chin) Lol

Zee Monodee said...

ROTF - you got yourself a deal then :)

Angela Guillaume said...

Let's shake hands on it, then. LOL :-D

Zee Monodee said...

Lol - we won't spit on our hands before we shake though :)