Friday, October 07, 2011

WRAP UP FRIDAY: Where's the joy?

Hello world,

When I asked author Catherine Mann how long it took her to sell her books, she said that her first sale was for her fifth novel. Her secret was to write a book, edit it, and move on to the next one. Clearly, there's a lesson to be had from this. Fact is, it's all about the writing. Yes, we want to sell, and wouldn't it be lovely if we sold all our books, starting from the very first one, to a big name publisher. But we live in the real world where sometimes this is possible, and sometimes it's not.

I think that we're too focused on "publishing" and not focused enough on the actual writing process. Does it give you joy to write? Or do you just want to hurry up and get published? I always felt the former, but there were times when I got caught in the rat race too - writing for the market so I can sell quicker. Whenever I did that, the result was crappy to say the least. The most messed up writing I ever produced! I'm still fixing the mess in the fifth draft of my latest WIP, which I'd started writing before I had this epiphany. Recently, I communicated with an old friend who also shared the same feelings with me. Her thoughts were...


She told me and a mutual friend that she wanted to feel that way again. She wanted to forget about the goal and focus on the process. It used to be something she loved to do.

True, the industry is tough. It may take a while to sell the finished product, but that doesn't mean the work isn't good. It just means one needs to continue to do what one loves - and write another story! When an author gets published. they still have to keep on writing, anyway.

If Catherine Mann had written a book and felt discouraged after she didn't sell it, she'd never have written a second, third, fourth, and fifth book. And then, she would never have become a USA Today bestseller. She'd never have known...

So what are you going to do after you write your first novel and start shopping it around. Will you let the rejections crush you? My suggestion is - open a blank Word document or a blank email, and start composing... your next masterpiece! Think about how you felt when you first read books that inspired you to start writing. Think about that love you always had, still have, for the written word. It was a childlike enthusiasm, untainted by piles of rejections, multiple drafts, revisions, various crits, and market forces. It was just you and a writing pad, a laptop or a type writer. And it was pure love! Sharon O'Brien, an author and teacher, said: "Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn't wait to get to work in the morning: I wanted to know what I was going to say." What a feeling!

So be that "child" again, the one who can't wait to jot down his/her thoughts at every free moment - find that hidden joy and grab on to it. By going down to the bare bones, stripping away the layers, and separating the act of writing from the business of publishing, you are carving your path as a committed and happy author. Because that's what it's all about, baby :-D.

Before I "wrap up", I'd like to add that my lovely CP, Zee Monodee, is really walking the walk. Please mosey on down to her blog today to see what she has to say. Her Progress Friday blogs are always worth the read.

And to finish off with a bang, here's my eye candy of the week. The sinfully sexy Julian McMahon, who's half-human, half-demon character on Charmed, Cole, gave me no choice but to give the hero in my first short story, and then my son, the same name.

Until next time, my lovely friends, live well and love deeply.

~ Angela ~
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