Sunday, October 30, 2011

SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY: An Eternity of Roses, Snippet #5

Hello world,

The weather here in the Mediterranean is settling into the winter season. We haven't much of an autumn here - the magnificent reds, oranges and browns that dress the trees in the States this time of year are practically non-existent. Drab, if you ask me. We're missing out on all the yummy goodness of the fall :-D.

So, on a day like today, nothing's better than the indulgence of Six Sentence Sunday. Keep in mind that there are many amazing authors who post their snippets today. Please check them out. It can make for a perfect lazy Sunday spent reading and relaxing.

Here's mine...

Last week I said I was going to post something relating to my hero and heroine. But, after the many comments, I realized that people were very intrigued by the mysterious Madeleine, who makes Lady Emmaline Deramore go into panic mode with merely a vile gaze in the first chapter. So, I decided to give you a little more insight into this woman's character. Do you think she's up to any good? :-D

Bound and gagged, the girl let out a muffled scream as Madeleine stopped in front of her. She continued to struggle, attempting in vain to break free from the twisted rope that bit into the milky white flesh of her wrists.

Then, when Madeleine drew the dagger from her skirt pocket and let it glint against the drift of light, the begging started.

They always begged, making her long to silence them forever.

Madeleine ignored the whimpers and pressed the sharp tip against the frantic pulse of the girl’s neck, drawing a thin trickle of blood and a trail of desperate tears that slid to the blade.

“So, where were we?”

Please have a Happy Sunday. Until next time, live well and love deeply!

~ Angela ~
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