Sunday, October 09, 2011

SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY: An Eternity of Roses, Snippet #3

It's that time again - Sunday. Have a chicken to roast, a bedroom to tidy up, and dishes to clean. Isn't it exciting? LOL.

So what do I do to relieve the boredom? Six Sentence Sunday, of course! Six Sentences from a current work-in-progress or published work. This is my third time and it's what I look forward to it at the end of a hectic week! A big part of the fun is to find out what my fellow Six Sunday authors have in store today by making the rounds and reading all the exciting snippets they're posting. So please check them out as well - you'll find a bunch of excerpts that will reel you right in :D.

So, back to my WIP, An Eternity of Roses. The backdrop of the romance consists of a legend that goes back to the Kashmir of 300 B.C. I think it's important to explore this legend before jumping into the story itself.

The Snake King, Aravala, is very angry that Valther has found a group of lost artefacts that he's always wanted - the lost Seven Chalices of the River Demon, reputed to have the power to grant immortality to humans. Aravala himself is immortal, and he has many powers, but this is one that eludes him. Until he finds the Chalices, he won't be able to create an invincible army that will defeat all his enemies and establish him as undisputed ruler of all their territories.

Aravala's soldiers catch Valther in possession of one of these Chalices so now he faces the ultimate punishment for "stealing" from his king - death. The man is resigned but fears for the life of his friends - Nila, his younger brother Candaka, and their kinfolk - who had taken him in after he'd spent years traveling across continents. In a short time, he came to love them as family.

Nila and Candaka are now faced with tough choices. Aravala presents a threat they cannot ignore. The carefree days of enjoying their youth are gone, instantly replaced with the grave realization that so many other people - their families and loved ones - are relying on them. What will they do?

In this final scene, Nila and Candaka have just witnessed their brother Valther's death. They are heartbroken, but have no choice but to move on.

What will happen now?” Candaka asked. His voice cracked at the second question.

Nila threw one last look at their despicable monarch and said, “The cobra is now our worst enemy,” before he steered them both outside.

“Will we ever return home?”

“Mayhap one day is all I can say. But never forget, brother, home is in here,” Nila replied, pointing to his brow, “and in here,” he finished, placing a closed fist on his pounding heart.

And this is how the Valthreans are born. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the read.

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