Sunday, October 02, 2011

SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY: An Eternity of Roses, Snippet #2

It's time for Six Sentence Sunday, folks! This morning I was an early riser but I got quite a bit of housework done. I cleaned the kitchen and put the roast in the oven while hubby did the laundry. (Love my hubby :)). My parents, hubby and the munchkin are on the dining table now, polishing off their plates, while I'm here, slaving away on my blog. Lol. Ok, "slaving away" is not entirely correct - it's more like having fun.

So, if you remember, last week I gave a short description of what my recently finished novel, An Eternity of Roses, is about. I think that first and foremost I need to give you a bit more insight into the legend of the Valthreans before jumping into the Emmaline's and Adrian's story. The character in my snippet, Valther, is facing a dire fate at the hands of his enemy. The Snake king, Aravala, makes it clear that all of Valther's friends are in danger, and will be hunted down by the Snake king who believes they've taken something that should belong to him - a set of seven Chalices, hewn from rock and possessing mystical powers, among which the power to grant eternal life. The king puts a curse on Valther and his kin, and declares that the venom from the cobra shall be their destruction. This poison becomes, according to the legend, their Achilles' heel.

If this man, this creature, were not the ruthless being Valther knew he was, the sight of him would have aroused nothing but awe-struck admiration.

“Let me show you that the power of the Chalice you hold can never destroy me. I am the Supreme King of the Nagas, lest you have forgotten that,” the king derided.

His laugh echoed with an ugly pitch throughout the hall.

“No matter your power, the Snake shall bring eternal death to all your kind. Beware of the cobra and its venom, for it shall be your downfall, immortal,” he roared.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this second snippet. If you want to see some fantastic excerpts from the talented Six Sentence Sunday authors, please click here.

I hope your weekend has been fun and relaxing. "See" you next week!

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