Monday, October 17, 2011

KICK START MONDAY: Getting on the highway

Hello world,

Welcome to another Kick Start Monday! So, what's new for me? This week I'm going to test a new schedule that will allow me to work on both my writing and freelance projects for at least 4 hours in the morning. Before all my time was so broken up that I would give up on "getting in the zone" and just waste time surfing Facebook, Twitter, sending emails and all the other fun stuff that keeps me away from my writing. In the meantime, I'd work on different parts of the manuscript but the process became excruciatingly slow.

In a nutshell, this system just wasn't working for me. Although I forced myself to squeeze in writing every day into my busy schedule, at the end of the day it felt like I hadn't done anything. That just didn't add up. So I'm turning a new page and starting on this new schedule. I'll be blogging at night and scheduling the blogs, so that will leave time for straight up writing in the morning. Even if I do two hours of hardcore writing, it will still be so much better than what I was doing before. Only catch - less or delayed "social networking" time; that's the price I'll have to pay. I know that there will be days when working the schedule is not going to be possible because of other work commitments - but I will jump that hurdle when it comes.

Time management is not for the faint hearted. Everyone I know who is successful with their time is a person who is great at setting a fixed routine and sticking to it. Without this disciplined approach, it is very difficult to reach goals. It's why I'm taking a stand and knocking the old routine to kingdom come. I'm leaving the access road and veering right into the fast lane on the highway. This change feels good - it's long overdue. I'm glad of one thing - I'm not one to make excuses, and I've always tried to at least spend 30 minutes with my WIP each day. I just want to up the stakes and have more quality time with my characters.

So... how do you manage to fit in everything you need to do in a day without breaking a sweat? I'd like to know how other people make it work. Incidentally, I was talking about this to my new friend, writer and fellow SSS poster Guilie Castillo, and she confessed she's blogging about the exact same thing today! Great minds, eh? So please do visit her blog to check out her take on this very important aspect of life.

Side note: My bestie Zee Monodee is also blogging about writing and publishing today over at the Pop Culture Divas. I hope you'll make time to give it a read.

Before I leave you to your chores, please remember to tune in this Wednesday to meet up with the formidable Rowena Cherry, who will be answering some questions about her writing career.

Also, and I know this has nothing to do with reading or writing - not the faintest bit - but I wanted to tell you: please, be kind to children, animals and those who gave you life not only physically but also emotionally, with their caring. Feel compassion for those who cannot express their pain in words. Love them - because they are capable of loving you unconditionally. I heard some gruesome, devastating news last night about an extreme animal cruelty case that happened outside our doorstep. The thought kept me awake for most of the night. My heart is so heavy today. Goodness, it was a poor, defenseless puppy!

So as much as you can, be a good human being today, and in future days. Do something nice for someone. I'm going to try. We need positive energy in this world, to balance the bad.

Until then, live well and love deeply.

~ Angela ~
No Rules. No Formulas. Just Love.

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