Monday, October 24, 2011

KICK START MONDAY: Report card :)

Hello world,

The first week of operating under the new schedule has passed, and I only had one day when I could stick to it to the full, yet, even that made a difference. In that one day, I rewrote a pivotal first scene, and got a clearer idea of what to do to put more zest in my first three chapters of An Eternity of Roses. Up to now, the entire process was like pulling teeth and having bariatric surgery at the same time. I was carrying all this weight around, and I required some serious alone and quiet time to start "shedding the pounds". Then, the process was painful as hell. Luckily, slotting that time for myself really got me going, even though I couldn't do it every day.

On the other days I did have some time to work, but I used it wisely to finish some freelance projects I had going on. I was always grumbling about not having time to write because I had all this other work I needed to finish. Well, at the beginning of the second week, I'm almost done with all that... at least for a while. Then on Sat I even had time to host a party for other writers, musicians and artists - good times with friends. Even the kids enjoyed it.

I'm starting this week knowing it will be so much better, because I managed time more efficiently in week 1. I had to cut on FB time, and write 5 emails instead of 10, but it all worked out in the end.

What I hope to have this week is time to crit some friends' work. I'm very much looking forward to that. I'm also getting some reading done. Thoroughly enjoying Jon Trace's The Venice Conspiracy and Zee Monodee's romantic suspense Walking the Edge (Read Chapter 1 here). Seriously, if you haven't yet purchased Zee's book from Noble Romance Publishing, you're missing out! And if you think it's only a "woman's" type of read, think again - as evidenced by Zee's recent and totally coincidental encounter with a very happy fan (that she related to me with childlike enthusiasm), even 50+ year old males can love this book.

This made me think... What are the odds of that - to meet a fan of your e-book in the flesh, and they only know it's you because they realize that your name sounds "just like" the name of an "amazing author" they just read. So cool! Can anyone say, "high on a cloud"? :-D

Anyway, today's report is therefore not "fantastic", and I have no word count to give you because I'm stuck in the revisions phase. However, I'm quite satisfied and have no doubt it will get better as I adjust to this routine. As Lynn Andrews says in Writing Spirit, "Patience is an important aspect of writing, as it is for any act of creativity."

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, and please don't forget to check in this Wednesday for an interview with another great author, Nina Pierce.

Until then, make sure to live well and love deeply!

~ Angela ~
No Rules. No Formulas. Just Love.

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