Friday, September 16, 2011

WRAP UP FRIDAYS: First week in the cockpit

Well, the first week has gone by smoothly! On Monday, I posted my first blog in a while and felt really good about it. On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of hosting Hope Tarr, who told us about her journey toward becoming a published author.

There was something that really struck me about this interview, something in particular that Ms. Tarr mentioned. It was that even after all these years, after being published by Berkley, Medallion Press, Harlequin Blaze and Carina Press, she still gets rejections! Isn't that absolutely amazing? I had to think real hard to wrap my head around this one.

Basically, every writer wants to be strong enough for the rejections. They want to be brave and not feel hurt about those "no's", to keep telling themselves that one day they will be able to finally claim that one "yes". The "yes" that will change everything. Yet, the cycle doesn't end there. There are times, in a published authors life, when the rejections will come. There will be more "no's" and, if the author persists, more "yes's". Or there may be only "no's". Does this mean one must stop dreaming? Definitely not, but it's good to keep one's feet firmly planted on the ground. The fact is that it doesn't matter that one has big publishing houses on one's resume - it's still a question of having the right book in the right hands at the right time.

Hope didn't say this to discourage other writers from pursuing their dreams. Rather, she said it to share the thought that published authors still come under the gun sometimes. More importantly, she wants to say that the only way to get through this is to stay dedicated to your craft, and have a clear idea of what you want. Be realistic, but don't lose hope. The modern world still offers many opportunities to those who don't give up.

So what am I doing on the writing front? This week I had a few private editing projects to finish, then, I had to get over the excitement of planning this blog and collect author interviews. I'm now booked solid until mid-January 2012! In the last two days, I picked up a story I had already finished and started to tweak the first three chapters. I'm working on tightening the dialogue, inserting some new, impactful scenes, and increasing the pace. All in a week's work :).

Now, to wrap up this Friday in a neat little package, I'd like you to check out what my best girl is doing over at her blog. This lady is not only one of the most talented people I know, as well as a wonderful critique partner - one who has taught me so much about writing. She's also an amazing person (love ya, Zee!). Don't miss tuning in to her page - I have no doubt she'll have something super cool to say!

And here's just a teensy weensy distraction (uh, eye candy) to carry you through the weekend :-D...

~ Angela ~ No Rules. No Formulas. Just Love.
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