Sunday, September 25, 2011

SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY: An Eternity of Roses, Snippet #1

I finally join the fray of Six Sentence Sunday madness! This is totally new territory for me, and I'm excited about sharing more of my work with readers.

I decided that for this first time I want to share a snippet from the last manuscript that I finished. I'm still looking for a home for this story, but I've lived with these characters for so long that I don't want to keep them locked up until I do.

This book is titled, An Eternity of Roses. The focus of An Eternity of Roses is Lady Emmaline Deramore and her struggle to reunite with the man she loves and loses because of a witch’s curse. The power behind the curse finds itself in a centuries old feud between two brotherhoods of immortals—the Valthreans, who live side by side with mortals, and The Cult of the Snake, whose main purpose is to annihilate the Valthreans and gain control over mankind.

The snippet is from a scene that sets the stage for the birth of the Valthrean brotherhood, establishes the myth and signals the start of their long journey on Earth. The character Valther's fate determines the future of his people.

A dark cloud of terror hovered above Valther. Its evil shadow had him in a stranglehold. A few hundred pairs of eyes burned into his sides, back and neck. He knew the hell that faced him so he summoned the courage to shut out the emotion crushing his heart.

And then, he prayed. He prayed that the others would live, that his sacrifice would count for something.

Over the weeks I hope to entertain you with more tidbits from my works in progress, as well as some from my already published books. And now, I'm off to do a bit of writing before chaos descends on my house at lunch time. Luckily, breakfast has been served, lunch is ready and waiting, and I might, just might, get an hour of peace to set my mind adrift...

Live well and love deeply,

~ Angela ~ No Rules. No Formulas. Just Love.
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