Thursday, July 24, 2008

I blogged at Midnight Seductions Authors

Go to to read all about . . . Literary snobbery and why I write what I write.

Happy Reading!

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Dina said...

Hi Angela, found you know, lol. Nice to chat with you.

Angela Guillaume said...

hey Dina! So glad to see you - I enjoyed our chat as well.

Katrina Strauss said...

I've faced bias as well for my choice of genre. I am tired of the assumption that I must write "smut" because sex automatically sales and so I am 1. making a killing so therefore 2. a sell-out. Let me show those people my first years' royalties, the ones that were so pathetic they left me in tears a few times. Trust me when I say I kept writing that first year because I *wanted* to.

The last time I fancied the notion of writing "The Great American Novel", I suffered a 5 year case of writer's block. When I decided to just tell an entertaining story, one that I'd enjoy both reading and writing, I was not only able to write again but finally found publication. I think some of the literati set forgets that many of today's classics were once the pulp fiction of their time, starting with The Bard no less. I think that as long as a writer possesses an actual love for the craft, combined with the technical skills to polish our work to fine gems, then that's all we really need to *write*. For every writer out there who perhaps loves their voice a little too much and won't accept critique and so thus read as an 'amateur', we also see plenty of work produced by *technically* sound writers, yet it lacks a certain spirit and just reads dry.

Angela Guillaume said...

Great comments Kitty! Speaking of which I just wrote another blog about this...