Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My WTF moment of the day...

Ireland's contribution - Dustin the Turkey - to the Eurovision Song Contest*:

(* For those who are not aware, The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is a yearly competition "held among active members of the European Broadcasting Union". It is quite a big deal for some in Europe. I, myself, grew up watching the competition with my parents each year with the same enthusiasm as some kids have here today when they've won tickets to a Hanna Montana concert. Countries first hold a local competition within their shores, and the winner gets to perform in the ESC. During the ESC, each country votes for songs submitted by other countries in a "block voting" system. Many have criticized this as the tendency is to vote not for the quality of the song itself, but more for the country it represents. For this reason, many of the winner (and other participating) songs are too atrocious for words - each year it gets worse and worse - yet, I felt compelled to share this one, which pretty much left me speechless.)

~ Angela Guillaume ~
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