Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another reason to dump him (or her)?

Well, well, when I read this NY Times article, I could hardly believe my eyes but there it is. According to Rachel Donadio, in her article, "It's Not You, It's Your Books", there are people who actually dump each other because of the books they read, and apparently, there are people who take this fact very, very seriously.

Perhaps, there is some sense to this, after all. So after reading the above link, I wanted to create a scenario in my head.

I thought, let me just imagine for a moment that I'm single. If I met someone whose ABSOLUTE favorite book of all time is The Satanic Bible for pure philosophical purposes and his library is filled exclusively with these works of literature (some very creditable, I admit, close to being my favorites, particularly Oscar Wilde, Bronte and Dostoevsky - but there is a pattern there, isn't there?)... and let's just also say it's not for "knowledge enhancement" or "reference" purposes because of some specific project he's working on (eg. one never knows, he may be an undercover agent preparing to infiltrate "the darkness"...ok, mind's running too fast here) - well, in this case, I'm pretty positive, my alarm bells would start chiming a REALLY loud tune. Basically, I may be, um, slightly put off by this particular specimen (just trying to be diplomatic here). I'm not trying to offend anyone, and I do love a good, chilling occult movie or some related interesting reading. I also love to explore some dark elements in certain of my books. Therefore, I would look this literature up if knowledge of it were to prove crucial for one of my characters or plots, so I'm not shy about that sort of thing. There are many roads I would cross for the sake of my stories. I'd probably do anything short of joining a cult. That is just WAY too creepy for me. What I want to say, however, is that my occasional fascination with the subject STOPS there, and does not touch areas of lifestyle or creed. So presently, as I have had so far no use for it from the research angle, I DO NOT own a copy of The Satanic Bible, nor have I ever read it or borrowed it (or wanted to borrow it) from a library or person (I don't actually know people who'd own such a book - my life would seem very boring to some). Coming to think of it, do public libraries carry those sort of books?

BUT I'm really digressing here. See what happens when I let my mind take the lead?

Anyway, going back to the title of this blog, the NY article mentioned above goes beyond all that...we're here entering the realm of "book snobbery". Would romance readers therefore be considered "below par" according to this lofty standard? And what about romance WRITERS? (***she shudders)

Damn, what a thought! I'm so glad my dear husband hasn't dumped me! Should I emit a sigh of relief that he thinks my reading "adequate", hmmm?

So I ache to know - what do you think about this? Would you really dump someone because of his reading choices (assuming they're not too far out as in scenario above)?

Tell me please, I wanna know!!!

~ Angela Guillaume ~
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Judith McGuinness said...

Hi Angela,
After 25 years of being with the same man whose tastes in everything are different than mine, I say pooh-pooh to the article. Hubby and I disagree on TV, books, music, and who gets the most covers at night ... but when we look at each other, all we see is the love in each other's eyes. Sounds corny (or like a line from a good romance book) but it's what has kept us together all these years and will keep us together forever.
So I say, stand up for your right to disagree with your mate's preferences!

Angela Guillaume said...

hooray to you Judith!!! And that's what I really like to hear. My hub and I are complete opposites when it comes to books, movies and TV. He's non-fiction, I'm all about a good story; he's a documentary kind of guy and a news junkie, and although I do like watching the History and Travel Channel sometimes, I do love a great movie. Unlike you, I've only been married 8 years, but I anticipate many, many more happy ones. So if that means we're beating the trend, let's just chuck fashion altogether!

Dean Rader said...

I, too, want to know if most people would dump someone they care about because of literary taste. I also write about this essay at The Weekly Rader (, and I hope you'll let me know if you get a convincing response from your readers.

Angela Guillaume said...

Thanks, Dean, I will keep track of your blog too. I would like to know as well because it seems so extraordinary to me. Do we really want someone who has the same tastes as we do? a photocopy of us? In this day and age, it's great if someone just loves to read at all!
Thanks for the comment...