Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A labor of love

Today I want to blog about someone I hold very, very dear to me - my wonderful husband. No, I don't want to brag about what a fantastic person he happens to be and what a great support he is to me - I'm sure that, if I did, you'd be either dozing off or throwing up within seconds.

Instead, I simply want to invite you to read his blogs and also friend him, of course. My husband is a clinical hypnotherapist (not the Svengali or stage type, the other kind :-D) and life coach who does what he does out of pure love and dedication. He's worked with athletes (NBA, PGA), executives, artists, and people from all walks of life, including people who had just about given up on life. When I watch him help those he works with change their lives for the better, it never ceases to amaze me. Really, he should be a millionaire and rake it in like some others have done with their products and techniques for self-help, but for him, it's a calling that should be respected and used for peoples' benefit - and although he knows that what he does can change peoples' lives, he will never use it to purchase fame or create useless products in pretty packages.

I've seen him take someone from a person who lived on the streets at night, selling her body to strangers and feeling horrible about herself and her life choices, to a confident woman with a business and property in an exclusive part of town...within two years! I'm not making this up, because I met the person and agreed to welcome her in the beginning when one encounter went awry and she got beaten up really badly (as in clubbed with a gun, restrained, forced to perform oral sex, and her face beaten to a pulp; she was within an inch of losing her life--and I'm sure she'd be dead if she hadn't managed to escape). I had never seen anyone look like that except on TV, believe me. That event shook her to the core and my husband's job to help her reach her goals got much easier from then on. We took care to make sure the police were notified and that she got proper care at the hospital. She resolved to turn her life around 360 degrees and my hub guided her each step of the way as her coach and mentor. Of course, she is also to be credited for her transformation because she had the desire to change and claim the life she wanted.

Sometimes it takes a lot to make a difference, sometimes just a little. At times, people just want someone to share their troubles with and provide them with some direction. At other times, a more heavy, therapeutic approach is required. I've also seen him give several people hope in life--people who had about become tired with the abuse they received in life, and decided to leave this world, literally. I've seen him help talented people reach their full potential, enhancing their game to the maximum possible level. God knows how many others he helped - he's had many clients I've never met or heard of, because of confidentiality reasons. But for what John did in all these cases and many others, I'm positive that he didn't get paid even 10% of what he deserved to receive.

That's the kind of person he is. He believes that if someone buys a service or product from him, he should give them more than they paid for. Basically, he wants to get his fair and square. He's the real deal, and perhaps that's why I love the ol' bugger so much (ok, so he's not that old LOL) - although I keep telling him he should be stricter with his business.

Well, I guess I did brag a bit didn't I? Hope I didn't bore you too much. But seriously, John's Joimethod blog is a weekly blog that will tackle all kinds of subjects from hypnosis to healthcare to sleep to relationships. It's worth checking out, I promise.

John is also the author of several e-books that have received AMAZING reviews on eBay and other places on the web. More books are scheduled for release soon on his site...and they're not only books about hypnosis. The offerings include self-improvement and inspirational books, and audio downloads.

And when you visit John's blog, don't be shy. Leave feedback, he loves it! If you have questions, email him. He'll answer those too :-).

~ Angela Guillaume ~
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