Friday, March 21, 2008

I'm an alien...I'm an Englishman in New York...or not?

I just read this jaw dropping and rather hilarious article today about controversial British memoirist Sebastian Horsley, who was denied entry in the U.S. because of a life of "moral turpitude" (referring to his drug use and too frequent forays with ladies o' the night). I admit that just cracked me up - the "moral turpitude" bit at least.

I wonder now, if I wrote a really shocking book with lots of lies, half-truths or truths about a life lived beyond the straight and narrow...perhaps I could make up some really horrific and shockingly juicy details...don't matter if it's true or not I guess...would my U.S. residency be revoked?

Ok, perhaps Horsley goes a 'lil too far with his claim that depravity is part of an artist's job...but hey, if we had to kick all the supposedly "depraved" people from these shores, I think half this country would look like a barren wasteland (particularly D.C. whereabouts...and I don't mean regular people like you and me who live carefully, immersed so thoroughly in the light of the legal radar).

Hmmm...does a propensity to kink count, you think? Gonna have to check that...

So watch out, all ye Erotic Romance, Erotica or 'whatever genre' authors. Add too much heat and you may just get investigated. Make sure you don't include over-the-top drug use or prostitutes in your twisted tales, or you may be in trouble. Worse still, darn if you happen to be the pervy subject of your own stories. Can't say you haven't been forewarned!

~ Angela Guillaume ~
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