Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fleeting life

In the past few weeks I've been faced with the fragility of life. Twelve days ago, my husband's only maternal uncle was diagnosed with cancer. It started in the liver and spread to his left lung. Seven days later, he had his first chemo session. We were told he was in the last stages of cancer. Two days ago, he died. The day before, we were all in the hospital room with him, keeping company to a skeleton of a man who barely weighed 100lbs. Just like that.

Just two months ago he was the picture of health. An 180lb. man who walked around as if he owned the world...full of vigor and life.

It's been a tough time for my husband's family. My mother-in-law and her sisters have lost a baby brother. This weekend, he'll be laid to rest.

Life is fleeting, indeed. When all this is over, I fully intend to continue as I have and even up the ante. To make the most of it--to step into the unknown and grasp my dream.

~ Angela Guillaume ~
"Breathtaking Sensual Romance"
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