Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blue Ribbon Favorite - go figure :-)

Well, I've just found out some really nice news.

My book, MILE HIGH TO HEAVEN, has been selected as a Blue Ribbon Favorite for the month of December by the reviewers at Romance Junkies!

The email I received expressed that "very month, the reviewers at Romance Junkies are invited to nominate the best book they read during the last month for this award. As you can probably guess, our reviewers read a lot of books, and they have chosen yours as one of their favorites".

This comes as a wonderful "pick me up" after the news last week that my publisher has closed down. Right now, I'm focused on getting "Mile High to Heaven" and "Mr. & Mrs. Foster" back on the virtual shelves and I can't wait for that to happen :-). Do you think this will make publishers look more closely? I certainly hope so!

Whatever the case, thank you for making me smile from ear to ear, Romance Junkies!

~ Angela Guillaume ~
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