Friday, August 03, 2007

A big hello to everyone!

Ok Heather, thanks for this lil spot on the Web - sure appreciate it. Don't have much to say today - except that I am so swamped with work it's a wonder I even remember to breathe! Whoever said that thing about "idle hands" surely needs to be tarred and feathered :-D What I would give right now for an afternoon lying on the beach sipping a Coconut Rum cocktail and watching the scenery. Ah well...can't complain though. Things are going great especially as "Mile High to Heaven" is due for release VERY soon and who knows what will come out of this fantastic adventure. Thanks to everyone at Aphrodite's Apples for making it happen! It's been a wild ride that got me here but don't regret any minute of it. I look forward most of all to meeting other authors and readers and I hope that all will find my blog interesting and fun. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone - and glad to be part of the AA family!