Sunday, December 23, 2007

What would you like this year for Christmas?... [New Release – Mr. & Mrs Foster]

…Recovering something precious which you thought you had lost forever…or…finding a sexy hunk with eyes only for you on your doorstep?

Why not try both for starters?

I’m proud to present my new release – a toast warm holiday tale, great for those cold winter nights!

Redemption has never felt so sweet…

The past: Dane and Alyssa Foster had a loving marriage but the requirements of Dane’s consultancy business force them into a nomadic lifestyle. Each year would see them in a different city, building a new life, until the time would come for them to move again and start from scratch. Alyssa, desiring with all her heart to have a family and build some semblance of a career as an architect, was tired of all the instability and vows to put a stop to the madness by settling in Dallas, Texas. Dane, on the other hand, driven by secret fears of his own, insists on moving to Seattle for his next contract job. But when tempers rise and wills clash, lives get torn asunder.

The Present: Now Dane has moved out with plans to move far away, putting thousands of miles between him and Alyssa. But it takes a two month long separation for him to realize just what he has lost. As the season of good cheer dawns and regret fills his heart, he is back to claim his love and show her just how much he’s missed her. This day, one question fills his mind: will his one and only love find it in her heart to forgive him? As far as he’s concerned, he has only one desire—and he won’t take no for an answer because he knows he’ll never leave Alyssa again, even if she asks him to. Not before he kisses her under the mistletoe or…while bathed in the smoldering romance of a winter fire.


“She looked at him as though he had just sprouted a humungous hairy mole on the tip of his nose.

Whatever the reason for him being where he was right now, every word he had just uttered sounded like a big, fat mountain of bull crap to her. And she made sure she’d pass the message on to him without having to say a word.

The nerve of the bastard!

His reaction to her dress down gave her a twinge of satisfaction.

There you go, squirm if you can, was her unholy thought.

In fact, in that moment, she’d say he looked more than slightly uncomfortable. And yes, just a tiny pinch…vulnerable.

She almost felt guilty for acting so…rude. Almost.

This was too strange for words, but nonetheless, words did keep tumbling from her lips.

“Well, as you can see I’m doing fine. Is there anything else you need from me?”
Damn. She sounded like an indignant, pouting child.


“You did decide you wanted to move to Seattle and go forward with a separation so I don’t see what else we have to say to each other. If you haven’t noticed, this loose end seems to be already tied up, or whatever else you want to call it.”

She almost shut the door in his face but something in his eyes stopped her.

“Please, may I come in? I won’t be long and it’s cold out here.”

Was he begging?

Every breath he took ended in a cloud of frost exhaling his mouth. She looked at his damp hair and visibly shivering hands and the vision tugged at her traitorous heartstrings.

No, don’t let him set foot through that door.

“Alright. I was just finishing some cleaning up. Come on in and take a seat. I’ll make us some coffee while you tell me whatever it is you want to say.”

There was that pouting tone again. She really had to stop acting like an idiot around him.

Around her husband.

Her devastatingly handsome husband.

Soon to be devastatingly handsome ex-husband.”

~ Angela Guillaume ~
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