Friday, November 30, 2007

New review in - I'm positively smug!

Wow! BrandyWine from Enchanting Reviews was so kind as to read my book and give me this smashing review. Now I know one of the reasons why I love writing so much! If all my readers would feel this way when they finish reading my books, I'll officially become the happiest woman alive :-D

"Olivia Marsden, thirty-two, on the way to her sisters wedding.
Slightly overweight by modern standards, almost Amazon like, yet warm and loving, and needing a man who would see the real woman inside.

Cole Evans, her sister’s soon-to-be brother in law, obsessed since the engagement party, now has his chance to make Olivia his and his only. He is quietly domineering and never overbearing and needs a woman like her to complete him.

At a bed and breakfast in Atlanta, GA, a day before the wedding, Cole proves to Olivia that she is his, and his only. Will these two continue this unexpected yet steamy path to love, or will Olivia’s sister, Fi, ruin everything?

Mile High to Heaven is a quick peak into the lives of those who do not feel perfect yet truly are. It shows that given the right amount of attention and love, anyone can and will shine. I was thoroughly captivated and unfortunately depressed when the ending came. I wanted so much more from Angela Guillame and her book Mile High To Heaven."

Rating - 4 Enchantments

Note: Enchanting Reviews are in the process of redoing their website so this review is not up yet. However, I've been given express permission by the owners to post it here.

Thank you, BrandyWine! I'm feeling smug indeed...

I also wish to jot down a reminder that today will be the last chance to get a copy of "Mile High to Heaven" at a 10% discount. You can find and download it at the Aphrodite's Apples site. There are more fantastic reviews posted on the publisher site!

~ Angela

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