Friday, November 02, 2007

Character Inspiration

When I’m building my characters, I like to have a “live” specimen to refer to—and conducting this particular part of book research is quite fun to me. I do the same when I’m reading a book: I imagine the characters and as I read on, if the book is good, they become more real and vivid in my mind. Sometimes I’m disappointed because no matter how hard I try, I never manage to like the characters and the things they do or think, so I never quite manage to put a face to them. Making something "real" from the words of a book, I believe, is an intimate process that connects the reader to those words. Hence, for me, intelligent, four dimensional character building is absolutely essential if I’m to consider the book a “keeper”.

For “Mile High to Heaven”, I did some research before deciding what Cole and Olivia should look like—and the discovery of a serious looking Ioan Gruffold and a rare, soap and water Mia Tyler came closest to the images evoked in my imagination :-D.

Here’s what a friend did for me as a little gift one day last week during a chat loop. The lady is a member of my Yahoo Group and she’s talented and kind – thanks Jaycee!!! What do you think? Don’t they look good together in this picture?

~ Angela Guillaume ~
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