Friday, November 02, 2007

Character Inspiration

When I’m building my characters, I like to have a “live” specimen to refer to—and conducting this particular part of book research is quite fun to me. I do the same when I’m reading a book: I imagine the characters and as I read on, if the book is good, they become more real and vivid in my mind. Sometimes I’m disappointed because no matter how hard I try, I never manage to like the characters and the things they do or think, so I never quite manage to put a face to them. Making something "real" from the words of a book, I believe, is an intimate process that connects the reader to those words. Hence, for me, intelligent, four dimensional character building is absolutely essential if I’m to consider the book a “keeper”.

For “Mile High to Heaven”, I did some research before deciding what Cole and Olivia should look like—and the discovery of a serious looking Ioan Gruffold and a rare, soap and water Mia Tyler came closest to the images evoked in my imagination :-D.

Here’s what a friend did for me as a little gift one day last week during a chat loop. The lady is a member of my Yahoo Group and she’s talented and kind – thanks Jaycee!!! What do you think? Don’t they look good together in this picture?

~ Angela Guillaume ~
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Ally said...

Hi Angela,
They certainly look wonderful together. I almost do the same thing. So far my female characters turn out red headed like me with amber brown eyes and all. But my most recent character looks like a long haired Adam Beech, so when I am writing I put his pic up on my desktop so I can look at him while I write. I think it is important for our characters to look like they are discribed in the book. There is nothing that throws me off more than getting right into a novel, allowing the characters on the cover to play their roles in my mind, just to suddenly realize too late that they do not resemble each other. It ruins the entire book for me. Although I do not judge a book by it's cover, once I am reading the story the cover needs to convey my emotional and visual connection to those characters.

Angela Guillaume said...

Yes, Ally, I agree. It's the same for me. When my publisher was putting together the cover for Mile High to Heaven, I wanted the heroine to have a certain hair color and the hero to be dark - reflecting the characters described in the book. I think they did a fantastic job, although the pics on the cover are not Mia Tyler and Ioan Gruffold - I do have an auburn haired heroine and dark, sexy hero and they hit the nail on the head, I believe.

Jaycee said...

awwwwwwwww so glad you like how it looks!

Angela Guillaume said...

Jaycee, you did a wonderful job. How could I not?!!!