Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sanctified and Enthralled

After "Mile High to Heaven" was released by Aphrodite’s Apples, I determined that I would read books by all their authors. Aphrodite’s Apples were the first to believe in me, so why should I not believe in them? Whichever way life takes me, I will always be grateful for their faith, and there will be a special place in my heart reserved for this wonderful publisher.

So far I’ve only read Kayleigh Jamison’s “Lead her to Heaven” (which I enjoyed) but this blog is not about that particular book.

One of the other fabulous AA authors is Katrina Strauss. Kitty, as we call her, is dedicated, helpful, and always the consummate professional. I will miss her as AA’s marketing guru. However, I look forward to reading lots more of her work and getting to know her as an author and person. Because I have found that Kitty is a talented writer, very talented indeed.

I bought a copy of “Sanctified” at first because it was a short read and I did not have enough time to dedicate to a long book that week. The book was released by Red Rose Publishing, not by AA, but I wanted to support Kitty so it did not matter. I had been reading great reviews about it and I was very much intrigued to see for myself.

“Sanctified” is the story of two people who reach out to each other in the most surprising, and at times the most surreal, of ways. I was thoroughly immersed in the detailed descriptions of the stifling, low-rent apartment and the background story of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I also love how the hero finds his salvation, his “sweet mother Mary”, in the heroine, and how she, in turn, finds hers in the irresistible urge to become his beacon of hope. He finds renewed joy in living and she learns that past hurts can be let go and happiness is indeed attainable. The two characters are more than likeable and Diego is downright hot! You will root for this pair. You want them to be happy. In the pages of this book, we also find several other little stories interweaving with the main one (Moira's breakup with her boyfriend, Diego's traumatic war experiences, the bittersweet tale of Our Lady of Guadalupe) -- but perhaps the most engrossing and meaningful are the myriad ones tattooed on Diego’s very skin.

Moira has been burned by love and Diego carries the scars of war, literally and figuratively. Thanks to an unbearably hot day and a malfunctioning A/C, these two wounded hearts are given the opportunity to connect and their lives thereafter are changed forever. When he was a child, Diego’s Abuela would always tell him that “the Lord worked in mysterious ways”. In “Sanctified”, we learn just how much.

“Sanctified” is quite possibly the best piece of short romantic fiction I have ever read in my lifetime. And I’ve read many, many stories—long, short and all lengths in between. Above all else, this is a story of rebirth and hope through intimacy and love. Yes, Katrina Strauss manages to pack all this fire in 28 emotionally charged pages. Her writing is at intervals raw and sophisticated and the result is unadulterated chemistry, explosive sensuality and beautiful imagery. This is what I call pure genius and honest-to-God talent. Way to go, Kitty!

You MUST download a copy of this book -- I believe it's worth much more than the price of $1.99 because it gave me so much pleasure to read. I promise you'll be just as enthralled as I was. Despite its name, this is not a religious book, but I guarantee it will take you straight to heaven with its sizzling sensuality :-D.

To purchase "Sanctified", please go here.

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