Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back in the swing of things...

I know I've disappeared for a while but I had good reason. I needed a break. So I went cruising to Grand Cayman and Mexico. It was a blast! In these countries I saw iguanas, turtles, Mayan ruins, lots of rum and rum cake, beautiful green waters, live crabs crossing the highway, chickens roaming free in the city, and I also learned a couple of Mayan words. See the picture to the left? That's my DH with a proud specimen of the Cozumel police. There's a very interesting and quite hilarious background story to it--but perhaps it's better not to publish it in such a public forum. I may get in trouble! For now it will remain my and DH's private joke. I'm sure we'll be laughing about it in the years to come.

Memories. Nothing like them to make life rich in meaning. Which is why I love to travel so much, see different cultures and people--to create memories I will never forget. Something to share with family and friends. And it's also all great inspiration for my books, of course! The descriptions of all the people I meet, the places I see, will find a cozy spot right in the back of my mind, to be retrieved for future reference and use where appropriate.

Anyway - I'm presently battling with some pesky cold germs. Caught cold from DH who caught it from our freezing cabin room on the ship. I'm getting better so start expecting my regular blogs soon :-).

Also - please don't forget to take part in the Halloween contest - click here to read the details. Time is running out!

This Wednesday I will also be chatting at Literary Nymphs, so hope you'll join me and Anastasia Amor there for some laughs.

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