Tuesday, September 04, 2007


WOW! That's all I have to say. I would like to share what my dear friend Anais just posted about Mile High to Heaven on her blog. Here's the link:


This is my favorite part:

"In today’s world, most everyone has this protective force field around their hearts. We guard ourselves from falling or giving too much of our true selves because most likely, it’s going to be painful, absurd and most likely break that very heart you been hiding. Nevertheless, no matter how hard we try to prevent ourselves from feeling anything or conceal how vulnerable we are to its clutches, we ache to let go.

Love will never be perfect. Some say it’s a terrible affliction and others say it is the only absolute truth we will ever know.

Angela Guillaume’s Mile High to Heaven is a short story about two people who find each other and let themselves fall for one another in an uncommon way, exploring something lacking in this world…honesty. They take a chance on something that can be incredible…letting go of your heart and letting it fall where it may.

The by-product of this honesty is steamy and down right explosive sex. Angela Guillaume further expounds this story by showing how trust and abandoning fear can lead to all around goodness and a story ending we yearn for… the ahhh that makes us smile."

OK--so you may think that this lady's biased (being my friend and all) but if you knew Anais Nohant you would find that she is nothing if not honest and straightforward. If she doesn't like what you write, she will tell you--not in an insulting way, but she will let you know. That's what I like most about her and why I treasure her opinion. She happens to be a critique partner and constantly provides me with valuable insight that prompts me to be a better writer and give more of myself.

Thank you, Anais!